Practice Areas

Trust and Estate Administration

Trust and estate administration begins at the “starting gate.” Some event has occurred: the decedent dies and a personal representative has been appointed; a successor trustee takes office and the trust calls for administration. Some of our clients leave the starting gate and we hardly see them again. Others need help in properly administering the trust or probate estate.

Guidance is important and Sandpoint Law provides it virtually every day.

The transactional practice lawyers, led by Andra Nelson, are prepared to do as much or as little as necessary to help a fiduciary (trustee or personal representative) properly value and distribute the estate. It’s worthwhile remembering that Idaho law places specific obligations on those individuals charged with administration. Personal liability can attach if a fiduciary breaches his or her duty to the beneficiaries. Guidance is important and Sandpoint Law P.C. provides it virtually every day to some fiduciary navigating the rocks and shoals of trust and estate administration.