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Mediation is an out-of-court process where Andra helps you and your partner try to resolve issues regarding child custody, child support, and asset/debt division. Mediation entails discussions on how you’re going to handle the parenting logistics; decision-making, and support questions for your children; how you’ll deal with all your assets and liabilities; whether one of you needs financial support from the other; and, whether you will need a Judge to resolve any issues on which you two cannot agree, or reach what is called an impasse.

Mediation is an out-of-court process where we help you and your partner try to resolve issues.

What Andra does is: help the two of you stay focused in your discussions; make sure that you’re aware of all the topics you’ll need to consider to move forward; and, point each of you towards the sources of information on each issue that you might need to make intelligent choices. Andra can also share with you solutions that other couples have used for any given issue, or ideas that occur to her, with the understanding that you don’t have to adopt any of those. Andra can also look at any solutions that you’ve already sketched out, to see if there might be concerns based on Andra’s experience with other divorcing couples. Finally, she can also — if you’d both find it helpful — share with you the range of outcomes you might expect in court on a given issue, just to put a frame around your thinking.