A Team Approach

Why Choose Sandpoint Law

Sandpoint Law P.C. takes a different approach to case management than is typical of the local legal community. The lawyers at Sandpoint Law meet weekly to review all new cases and discuss on-going cases with difficult legal issues. It’s our way to bring our collective experience to bear on each file. This is one meeting the lawyers really enjoy. While the business is serious, the lawyers have fun trying out an argument and, in turn, poking holes in a colleague’s legal theory. The paralegals and other staff also attend, making sure that discovery deadlines are being met and court hearings are on each lawyer’s calendar. In this way, the lawyers and staff back each other up on matters of law and procedure. The result is better case management for all of the firm’s clients.
We meet weekly to review difficult cases, bringing ALL our experience to each case.

Toby McLaughlin leads the discussion. The responsible attorney outlines every new case. He or she will set out the facts, the legal theory(s), and the case’s strengths and weaknesses. The lawyers around the table will then chime in with comments on strategy or, perhaps, with a relevant Supreme Court holding or legal doctrine that needs to be considered. Except in routine matters, it’s likely the responsible attorney will walk away knowing his case isn’t quite as strong as he thought it was, and he needs to do more work. Or, more happily, she may find that the weaknesses that seemed so daunting at the outset can be overcome with a colleague’s advice.

The lawyers also update on-going cases, especially matters in litigation, always with an eye on seeking the advice of others. In addition, the lawyers will review Supreme Court holdings that bear on the firm’s practice, and legal doctrines and procedures that may prove helpful in the future.